NRSWA. Unit 10


NRSWA Unit 10 – Monitoring Signing, Lighting & Guarding (S1)

Description (Classroom course)

The unit is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to successfully monitor the signing, lighting and guarding of a work site. The candidate will be able to monitor a work site survey to ensure that suitable provision is in place for the site location requirements and those will special needs, including cyclists and horse riders, and to monitor the protection of pedestrians, site personnel and vehicular traffic on site. They will also be able to monitor the provision and control of portable traffic signals in line with site location requirements andf traffic conditions, and they will be able to monitor site safety throughout the signing, lighting and guarding operation.


To provide delegates with a sound understanding of NRSWA Unit 10, Monitoring Signing, Lighting & Guarding, and to comply with the mandatory requirements of the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991


Induction Health and Safety Conduct and monitor a survey of the work site Monitor the protection of pedestrians, vehicular traffic and site personnel Monitor the provision of temporary traffic control Monitor site safety Assessment: Practical, Questionnaire and Observation

Course Delivery

This NRSWA training course will be delivered with a high proportion of discussion and simulated assessments. These are supplemented by video and classroom-based learning and tests.

Operatives and Supervisors will both be tested at the end of the course to ensure competence and, if successful, will be awarded with the NRSWA certificate for this unit.

  • The Operatives assessment consists of theory based and practical assessments.
  • The Supervisors assessment will consist of classroom-based tutorials, discussion, written assignments and observation exercises.

Please note that all delegates should bring appropriate safety equipment with them, including:

  • Hard hat
  • Waterproof clothes
  • Fluorescent jacket
  • Gloves
  • Safety boots

Duration : 1 day


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