Step by Step Proctor Exam instructions Google Chrome

Undertaking remote proctored assessments 

1. Once you have been booked onto the course, please ensure that you download google chrome onto your computer if you do not have it already. Type into the search bar and it will  come up if already installed, if not click web results. 

2. Before the test you will receive an email from ProctorExams asking you to complete some system checks. We recommend this is done at least 24 hours in advance in case you have  any issues. The e-mail will say: 

DO NOT click here 

You should ensure that you check any junk and spam folders for the email from 

You will need to use google chrome as your web browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the  email and copy and paste step 1 link into chrome. See the following images: 

3. Add the plugin to Chrome by clicking “Add to Chrome”. Then click “Add Extension” in the  pop-up box

4. Go back to your email (step 2) and scroll down to the bottom of the email and copy and  paste step 2 link into chrome. Do not click the “click here” options. See following images:

5. Then follow the system checks which will check that your microphone, speakers and camera(s) are working correctly.

6. Once you have completed all the set up checks you will then receive an email saying you  can now access the exam. You can complete the exam any time you wish unless a specific  time has been allocated in which case you will be informed about this by your Provider. 

DO NOT click the “click here” option scroll down to the bottom of the email and copy the STEP  2 link into Chrome. As shown in the following images:

7. You can then start the exam, it will take you through a few more system checks before you  start the test, please follow the steps as outlined. If you carried out the system checks in  advance these should be familiar to you. It is just to ensure everything is working ready for the  exam.

You can now choose to submit the photograph of the ID, if it provides a clear image, or you  can choose to re-take the photo. Once you are content then you can click to submit the  photograph. You will then see this message: 

Repeat this process to take a photograph of yourself

As before, you can choose to submit the photograph, if it provides a clear image, or you can  choose to re-take the photograph. Once you are content, then you can click to submit the  photograph. Again, you will see a confirmation screen.  From this point forward, the assessment is being recorded, any breaches of Lantra’s  Assessment Regulations will be reported and may impact upon certification. If you have not  already made yourself comfortable for the duration of the assessment, now is the time to take  a comfort break. 

You are now nearly ready to start, you now need to confirm that you can see yourself in the  window. 

Finally, check that you are in the correct position and then click “Start Exam”.

8. You will now see a list of instructions specific to this exam, you may be asked to show the  room or show your textbook for example. Once you have followed all instructions, you can then  click to confirm that the page must remain open and then click the link to open the test. If the  ProctorExam web page is manually closed during the assessment this will result in the  assessment being voided.

9. Answer the questions as required by the rules of the exam, following the instructions for the  assessment and those provided by the online assessment platform to complete the exam. If  for any reason your connection drops out briefly, then you can log back in using the username  and password provided to access the exam where you left it. However, where there is a  prolonged delay in reconnection this may result in the assessment being voided. 

Once you have completed the assessment and are happy with your responses then you must  click “Finish” to submit your exam. This is a two-step confirmation. Once you have submitted  the assessment you cannot return to it, so ensure that you have completed the assessment  before you submit.

10. You now need to leave the controlled environment as well. Please be aware that if you fail  to leave the controlled environment it will continue to record until the maximum assessment  duration expires (in most instances this is two and a half hours from when the assessment  started).

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