Exam Rules LANTRA


Exam rules – these must be read & followed 

• Internet quality – Internet issues are leading to voided results if we are unable to validate  their screen share or video for the duration of the exam Where the screen share and/or  video has limited recording we review both and all times would aim to validate and pass a learners exam where there is sufficient evidence for us to do so. 

• Learners should not wear headphones or EarPods. Lantra cannot validate if the learner is  being spoken to especially where a learner may read the questions out loud and we cannot  confirm if anyone is helping with an answer. Exams do not require learners to use these and in future any learner will unfortunately have their exam voided. 

• Valid photo ID (Driving license/passport) must be provided. If this is not provided when  requested your exam will be voided and you will not be entitled to a refund 

• Learners should be in a quiet room with no one else. Exam conditions should be adhered to. 

• Learners should be reminded not to confer with others 

• Learners should not use their phones, we are unable to confirm what they are looking at. Where training materials are allowed for certain NHSS tests we recommend printed format. Our NHSS team are in the process of uploading the Red/Pink book for learners to  access via Proctoring. 

• Learners should not take photos of the screen at any time. 

• Results are confirmed by Lantra once the Proctoring evidence has been reviewed. Lantra aim to advise you within 2-3 working days post the exam if the learner result has not been  awarded. The delay is due to the results being made available by the Proctoring team and  then QA’d by Lantra. Until then results should be treated as indicative only.